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NFT Musix is an ALL In One music application and the most comprehensive NFT music marketplace available.

What is

NFT Musix


The NFT Musix app aspires to be an ALL IN ONE music application and the most comprehensive NFT music marketplace available. Incentive mechanism (listen-to-earn), unlimited music data, free music distribution, airplay monitoring, blockchain NFT marketplace, copyright management, and NFTs are some of the features of this platform.

At NFT Musix, our mission is to forge a connection between the worlds of cryptocurrencies and the music industry. To this end, we are developing the next generation of music tools, which will be beneficial to both music fans and musicians. Additionally, our goal is to establish an ecosystem that will provide musicians with a new and more efficient means of getting paid, as well as a product that will be of use to both the music and cryptocurrency industries.

What is


$Musix will be integrated into NFT Musix as the platform’s currency, used to facilitate transactions and other transfers of value on NFT Musix. Through blockchain, you could buy, sell or auction any  NFT on the platform with $Musix.

Additionally, it can also be used to power our premium service, NFT albums, singles, playlists, incentive mechanism (listen to earn), and will offer wallet perks such as free premium to Gold Tier wallet holders in the later stage of the project.

There will be a 4% of tax for every transaction, as below:-

✅Team & Development – 2%

✅Marketing Wallet – 2%

Those who own $Musix will be able to use it on the soon-to-be-released platform to buy music NFTs or just keep it as an investment. When the team tokens are enabled, burning tokens for strategic purposes will occur in order to boost the price floor.

Create and Sell

Music NFTs

Music artists are allowed to connect with each other along with investors and digitally exchange NFTs for their creations within a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system running on the blockchain.

Create your collection

Once you’ve set up your wallet of choice and connect it NFT Musix platform, click create and set up your collection. Add social links, a description, profile & banner images.

Mint your NFTs

Upload your work (image and audio MP3), add a title and description. Then choose the sale and/or auction starting price.


You may begin making money off of your uploaded NFTs as soon as the NFT is placed on the marketplace where they will be sold.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100 Million)

Presale – 50%

Liquidity – 30%

Team Tokens – 15% (Locked and Vested for 1 Year)

Unlocked Tokens – 5% (To be locked when private sale tokens distribution is done)

4% Buy tax (2% Marketing, 2% Team & Development)
4% Sell tax (2% Marketing, 2% Team & Development)
Private Sale & Fair Launch Presale
Private Sale Hardcap: 10 BNB
Presale Softcap: 50 BNB 
(3:00 P.M. 31st August to 3:00 P.M. 3rd September)



2022 Q3
  • Industry research
  • Website launch
  • Marketing preparation
  • Whitepaper release
  • NFT music marketplace development
  • Press release
  • Audit and KYC
  • NFT Musix – V1 launch
  • Presale
  • PancakeSwap launch
  • Launch of Creator Hub (MusixHub) and incentive system (listen-to-earn)
2022 Q4
  • Acquisition of more strategic partners, musicians, and investors.
  • CG & CMC Listing
  • 3000 holders
  • 5M marketcap
  • NFT Musix – V2 launch
  • Web-3 wallet connect
  • Fiat payment gateway Integration
  • Team expansion
  • Further exchange listing (Indodex, Lbank
2023 Q1
  • 10000 holders
  • 1000 musicians on NFT Musix
  • Acquisition of more artists, and users.
  • Expand to multi-chain
  • Releasing our official mobile app on
    Appstore and Playstore
  • App 10000 downloads.
  • NFT Musix marketplace – V3 launch
2023 Q2
  • Competitions with big prizes
  • Making bigger strategic partnership
  • Further exchange listing (, Kucoin)
  • More features to be added
  • 5000 musicians on NFT Musix
  • 30000 holders
  • 100M marketcap
  • Ongoing marketing and product upgrades.

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